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Making the decision to seek help can be the most difficult part of the therapeutic process. Once in therapy, our hope is that clients will feel relief and connection by sharing their narrative and being heard in a unique and supportive environment. Over time, deep, meaningful and lasting healing is possible.


With offices in Chicago's West Loop and in the suburb of Westchester, the therapists of the Ginkgo Psychology Group are focused on understanding each client as a part of a larger picture. We believe individuals are best understood in relation to their past, their present, and their surrounding environment. Rooted in this understanding, we provide individuals with a thoughtful, in depth approach to the treatment process. Our therapists view clients not just in terms of their current difficulties, but as persons with strength and resilience.The goals of each clinician are to help our clients develop long-lasting solutions and healing, to create stronger connections with others, and to become happier, healthier individuals.

Our clinicians specialize in working with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families, providing services to address a full spectrum of clinical presentations. Each clinician is highly qualified to provide comprehensive assessment and therapy services. The Ginkgo Psychology Group values connection, trust, respect, compassion, dedication, and advocacy. We place an emphasis on both individual treatment as well as integrative collaboration with other professionals in order to best facilitate growth and development for our clients.


We look forward to sharing your therapeutic journey with you. Please click here to start a conversation with one of our therapists. 

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