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The Ginkgo Tree

We chose the Gingko tree as the symbol of our practice, because it is one of the most remarkable species in the world. The Gingko is considered a living fossil because they were alive 270 million years ago, making it the oldest surviving species of tree. Ginkgoes were around before the dinosaurs and were a big part of the diet for many of them. Individual trees can live up to 2,500 years, so trees that were alive when the Parthenon, the Colosseum and the Great Wall of China were being built, are still around today. Not surprisingly, the trees are known for their resilience. Their deep roots protect them against damage from wind and snow, and Ginkgoes also have remarkable resistance to disease pests, and fire.

Because of the Gingko’s many fascinating attributes, the tree and its leaf have become powerful symbols. The long life of individual trees and the amazingly long life of the species have led Ginkgoes to symbolize endurance. They are also a symbol of duality, the union of opposite characteristics, similar to Yin and Yang. In many cultures, the Ginkgo also embodies the idea of hope and peace. For us, the Ginkgo represents the strength, resilience and complexity of our clients, and of the balance we all seek.

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