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Our Approach: 

Our clinicians utilize a psychodynamic, relationship-based approach to treatment.  We understand therapy to be the vehicle through which long lasting change is possible.  Integrating a client's current symptoms and difficulties, with narratives of the past, helps the client to develop a new understanding and to create ongoing resiliencies in their daily lives.  

What to Expect from the Process: 


After a brief introductory phone call with one of our clinicians, you will be scheduled for an extensive initial intake appointment to discuss your current needs.  During that session, you and the clinician will begin to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.  Often times, weekly sessions are recommended in order to create therapeutic consistency, regular support and an ability to develop deeper and more meaningful connections through the therapy process.  Sessions will last between 45 and 60 minutes in length.  We believe that our clients are an integral part of the treatment process and will actively be a part of planning throughout.  In working with children and adolescents, parents, guardians and caregivers are a highly valued and essential piece to the development of the therapy process and goals.   

Individual Therapy:  

The therapists at Ginkgo Psychology Group have experience and training working with individuals across the life span.  From early childhood to adulthood, treatment is unique along the path.  Understanding each individual’s past narrative along with their current functioning allows for a meaningful, personalized approach.  As such, our therapists utilize interventions that are developmentally appropriate for each client, including specialization in play therapy and parent-child relational therapy.  With each client, we strive to create open and strong communication within the therapeutic relationship in order to best develop greater insights into the client’s needs with the goals of repair, healing and growth.  


Couples Therapy:  

Couples often seek therapy to help to manage struggles within a relationship and to better understand the pain of disconnection.  The therapists at the Ginkgo Psychology Group utilize emotionally-focused therapy to work to enhance relationships through the facilitation of communication between partners, and as a result build connections within each individual and within the relationship.  Through couples’ therapy, we work to create greater balance by understanding the key responses that create the emotional dynamic between partners, and thereby foster a stronger, more connected relationship.


Family Therapy:  

We do not live in isolation, but in connections with others in many ways.  Family therapy can help to facilitate and support lasting, meaningful change.  The therapists at the Ginkgo Psychology Group value understanding the dynamics within a family system and working to deepen the family's resilience while navigating the struggles in a supportive and safe environment.  

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