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Our Approach:

Each of our clinicians has extensive experience conducting neuropsychological assessments of the highest professional quality. We work with individuals of all ages, from toddlers to older adults. We utilize a biopsychosocial approach in order to understand the entirety of the individual, allowing for an integrated, holistic picture of each client’s level of functioning. Using state of the art, tools and procedures, we are able to provide clear and helpful answers to complicated and challenging questions, providing our clients with the knowledge to address their challenges.


What to Expect from the Process:

While the length of time of the assessment process can vary depending on the individual and the nature of their presenting concerns, most assessments are completed over the course of two to three visits. The process begins with an intake interview where you will have the opportunity to share your concerns and goals for the testing process. Once the assessment is completed, you will meet with the clinician to review the results of the comprehensive report, and will be provided thorough feedback regarding recommendations for effective interventions.


In addition to providing comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations, we are also experienced in conducting targeted assessments intended to answer specific questions regarding potential diagnoses of ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Specific Learning Disorders, as well as Gifted Learning Screenings.



Cognitive Testing:


Cognitive testing is typically part of any assessment we conduct. This particular series of tests enables us to determine an individual’s levels of cognitive functioning in the core areas, including verbal ability, nonverbal reasoning, visual-spatial skills, working memory, and processing speed. By understanding an individual’s entire cognitive profile, it allows us to provide specific interventions that are suited to his or her particular learning style and cognitive strengths, while supporting and enhancing areas that are less well developed.


Academic Achievement Testing:

The general purpose of academic testing is to assess what your child has learned relative to what they are capable of learning, and to identify what may be impeding their learning. Families often seek academic testing services following their school’s recommendation, or when their child experiences unusual difficulty with some aspect of school, such as reading, writing, math, homework completion, or test-taking. Educational testing is critical to developing specific solutions to your child’s academic difficulties.



Developmental Testing:

Early and accurate diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder is correlated with better outcomes in the areas of communication, social development, and independent living skills. All of our clinicians are certified in the administration of the ADOS, the standard Autism Spectrum Disorder assessment. Using the ADOS in conjunction with other neuropsychological measures, we are able to provide accurate diagnoses and individually tailored recommendations to support your child.


Neuropsychological Testing:

Neuropsychological testing can be a crucial part of your efforts to address a variety of problems related to executive functioning. Executive functioning refers to higher-order skills necessary for effective learning, problem-solving, and performance at work and school. These skills include areas such as attention, organization, planning, inhibition, and mental flexibility.


  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Problems with attention can lead to a range of challenges that require an in-depth understanding. Neuropsychological testing allows us to differentiate between a true attention deficit and the numerous other issues (e.g, anxiety, mood, specific learning disorder, developmental delays) that can also have a negative impact on attention.



Social and Emotional Testing:

Social and emotional testing is helpful for any individual seeking clarity regarding the nature and degree of a struggle that is impacting your relationships, education or occupation, mental health, or general satisfaction with life, then a social and emotional assessment can help. Our experienced clinicians are highly-trained to assess, diagnose, and provide useful recommendations related to a broad range of psychological issues, including concerns with anxiety, mood, disruptive behavior, relationships, self esteem, substance abuse, inadequate coping skills, parenting, grief and loss, and trauma.

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