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Samantha Talyor PsyD


Dr. Taylor (she/her) feels every individual has a had a unique set of experiences that has shaped
them into who they are today. Helping clients to understand how these experiences are
impacting them to gain more power in their lives is a central tenant to the work Dr. Taylor does.
Dr. Taylor utilizes a psychodynamic foundation to raise consciousness and provide a holistic
approach that includes past experiences, culture, and biology to aid in psychological well-being.
Her approach to each session starts with empathy and compassion for everyone and looks to
make sense of the individual’s intersectionality.


Dr. Taylor enjoys working with diverse individuals and has clinical experience from a variety of
settings, like community partners, residential substance use treatment facilities, department of
corrections, college counseling centers, and schools. Largely, her work has been with
marginalized groups, complex trauma, and severe mental illness.


Dr. Taylor received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Criminal Justice, and Spanish from Indiana
University - Bloomington. She also received a Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice – Forensic
Psychology from Tiffin University. While working on her doctorate, Dr. Taylor earned a Master’s
of Science in Clinical Psychopharmacology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
and a Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology. She is now completing her Post-Doctoral
Fellowship after earning a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from Adler University.

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